Thursday, February 22, 2018


Hi everyone! I am pretty late to the Biosilk Silk Therapy party, but I finally joined. I got a hair straightener as a gift for Christmas and I didn't really have a serum as heat protectant anymore (yes, I ran out, say what?!) and I thought why not? So I ordered a small bottle of the Biosilk Silk Therapy to see why everyone loves it so much.

Let's start with the price. I payed about 10-13 euros for 67 ml (2.26 fl. oz) and that is a lot compared to the price of a huge bottle of Biosilk in the States. It's crazy! Anyway, I bought it and I have to say, I do not regret it.

The smell of the Biosilk is a-mazing. It smells so good, I can't really describe the scent itself, but it smells like you went to the salon and they've washed and treated your hair with expensive products. Every time I use this product I fall in love with the smell all over again.

I use the Biosilk Silk Therapy (BST) on towel-dry hair. I apply it in my hair before I blow-dry it and what I noticed is that it immediately made my hair feel so soft. I could feel it even though my hair was still wet and all strand-y. You'll just have to experience it yourself. After blow-drying my hair was so shiny and soft. I couldn't believe it. It somehow makes my hair so smooth and soft, I totally understand why everyone is loving this product so much. It make my hair so soft that I want to run my fingers through it all the time.

Every morning I apply one or two drops in my hair and it makes my hair feel and smell so good, it gives me a little moment of happiness 😊.

Be careful not to use too much, though, because it can make your hair greasy. A few drops are more than enough to make your hair silky soft and shiny!

There are two bad things about this product in my opinion and that is 1) the price and 2) the cap.

It has a click top cap, not sure if they're officially named that way, but I really do not like these caps. There's always product clogged between the compartments and if you don't use your finger to wipe off the excess after each use, it will get all messy and dirty and a lot of product is lost in between there actually..

My cap is still pretty clean. I wipe my finger over the opening after every use to prevent build-up of product there, but you can still see in the picture that there's a little bit of build-up of product.

Those are the only two negative things I have to say about the BST. I recommend this to everyone. Even if you don't use product to make you hair more shiny when it's dry, you can use the BST as a heat protectant and if you don't blow-dry your hair or use hot tools, you can apply 5-10 drops (depending on how long and how much hair you have) on towel-dry hair and your hair will be so shiny and soft when it's dry!


And if you're interested in the ingredients, here's the list:

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