Saturday, February 24, 2018


I use sunscreen every day. Except when I'm lazy and not leaving the house. I think sunscreen is a must for everyone. Too much exposure to sunlight, or the be more precise: UV-rays, causes hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and in some really bad cases skin cancer. I think these days it is known that exposing your skin to direct sunlight is not too good for you. I have a pretty big area of hyper pigmentation on my face and I am very aware of that. A few years ago it made me so insecure that I refused to leave the house without foundation on. I still hate them, but not as much as a few years ago. I guess I've learned to live with it.

But that doesn't mean that I am not constantly on the lookout for a good sunscreen. Since I've used up my beloved Bioré Watery Essence SPF 50 I have been using Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Sport SPF 30, because the Bioré Watery Essence SPF 50 isn't available in Europe. Does this one come close to my Bioré Watery Essence? Or is sh*t? Let's find out!

This sunscreen is advertised to be extra long-lasting and therefore suitable for active life. I claims to be sweat-resistant, extra waterproof and to let the skin breathe through all that. It also claims to be non-greasy and to be absorbed fast. It's for body and face, but I mainly use it on my face, since it's the winter and the rest of my body is covered in three layers of clothing when I go outside.

I don't live in a very sunny country where I can get a sunburn, so I can't really speak about the sweat-resistance and waterproofness of the sunscreen. But I liked the idea of a sunscreen that would last as long as possible, that's why I bought the sunscreen.

I think the sunscreen works fine. It has a cute and fresh scent, there are no other words I can use to describe the scent really, it doesn't have the typical sunscreen scent and that's a plus for me, it's like I am putting on an extra moisturizer in the morning when I apply the sunscreen.

The sunscreen does indeed not feel greasy on the skin. It leaves more of a textured feel on your skin. The sunscreen does leave a white cast on your skin, but if you rub it in your skin really well and put foundation on top, no one would know. However, on days that I'm in a bit of a hurry I notice that there are white streaks on my face, mostly around the area where my brows end.

If you look closely you can see that there's a slight white cast on my hand. I notice that my face is paler when I have applied this sunscreen, during the winter that's not a big deal, I can hide the fact that my face is paler than my neck with a scarf (on days that I don't wear any foundation on top). but during the summer it's going to be a different story. That's why I wouldn't recommend this sunscreen in the summer, unless you're very active and want to use a sunscreen that is suitable for active life.

On days that I don't wear foundation I just powder off the sunscreen and I'm good to go. It doesn't feel like there's a layer of something on my skin and that are the kind of sunscreens that I like.

Does it beat the Bioré Watery Essence? No. However, these two sunscreens are so different. It's hard to compare the two of them. The Bioré one applies very watery and but is greasy on the skin and this Garnier one has a very thick consistency, applies like a thick cream, tends to lighten my face one or two shades up, but eventually doesn't leave an oily layer on my skin. I like the application of the Bioré sunscreen more and the fact that it is colorless, but I like the feel of the Garnier one when applied more. If they'd just combine the two, it would be a perfect sunscreen for me!

Would I repurchase this sunscreen? I think not, because it leaves a white cast on my face and that makes it hard to only wear sunscreen in the warmer months. I like a sunscreen that I can wear anytime, without it leaving a white cast. And since it is actually specially made for active life in the summer, I don't think it's a great product because of the white cast. Change that and this is an excellent sunscreen!

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