Sunday, February 25, 2018

TESTED: MakeUp Academy Pro-Base Fixing Mist

I have finally finished my MakeUp Academy Pro-Base Mattify Fixing Mist! That one has been open for so long now and I always forget to set my makeup somehow, so it took ages to finish that one. And when I finish one, it means that I get to use another fixing mist. I have a few from different brands laying around, but I ended up choosing the MakeUp Academy Pro-Base Fixing Mist.

You might wonder: why? Well, because I have this one for the longest amount of time and I wanted to finish the oldest ones first. I liked the mattifying one and I wanted to know if these two were really different. I guess this is a review and also a sort of comparison of the two fixing mists MUA has.

Let's start with the packaging. The Pro-Base Fixing Mist has the same packaging as the mattifying fixing mist. The only difference between the two is the label on it. The label on the mattifying fixing mist is metallic purple/pink and matte and the label on the regular (I'll just call it the regular one from now on) one has a silvery, shiny label. Both bottles contain 60 ml of product.

The mattifying fixing mist
Both sprays give a nice and fine mist, though the regular one has a more powerful mist. It hits your face harder, but it's still a fine mist. Both mists are scented and they have different scents. I like the scent of the mattifying one better. It's a bit sweet and very subtle. The scent of the regular I don't really like, to be completely honest with you. It has a kind of chemical and herby(?) smell. Luckily the scent fades away as it dries.

It gives my makeup a dewy finish and makes my face look less powdery, both mists have this effect actually. I don't feel like the mattifying one leaves my face more matte than the regular one right after fixing my makeup. I have used the mattifying one in the summer and it made my makeup last better/longer than it would last without the mist, but it didn't make my makeup stay in place for the entire day. I think that would be an impossible thing for my oily and sweaty face during the summer. I did enjoy using the mattifying mist.

I don't know if it's the foundation that I'm using or that it's the face mist, but I feel like the regular face mist somehow enhances the pores on my cheeks. Not a very pretty look. Since I've noticed those huge pores after I've started using the regular face mist, I think the face mist plays a pretty big role in it.

I'm sorry to say that I don't really like the MakeUp Academy Pro-Base Fixing Mist, the scent puts me off immediately, I like the dewy finish it gives my face, but I absolutely don't like the enhanced pores and extreme textured skin it gives me. I don't think I had this problem with the mattifying one, so if you really want a face mist by MUA, I'd say go with the mattifying one!

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