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Today a review on the Max Factor False Lash Effect Clump Defy Extensions. I have been using this mascara since December and I have used it long enough to form a good opinion about this mascara. In the USA it is the called the Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions. This mascara promises maximum volume and separation of the lashes. Does it live up to its claims?

The packaging of the mascara looks like all the False Lash Effect, but in a different color and with another print on it. I have to say that I am not really a fan of the False Lash Effect and I didn't really had high expectations of this mascara. The regular False Lash Effect (Covergirl Lash Blast) was so disappointing that I pretty much cut this line out of my life for a few years.

It was around the time that the first False Lash Effect (FLE) was released and I saw the commercial on TV and I had such high hopes for this mascara because of the commercial and people around me saying they love the mascara. I was a young teenager at that time and I had a dream of having great lashes and I made myself believe in the commercials and the way too good to be true claims of mascaras. So I bought the mascara and I was sooo disappointed in the FLE! It wore my lashes down, there was almost no mascara coming off the brush, while the tube contained a lot of mascara, more than average mascara tubes and I was just so disappointed..

So I took a break of the False Lash Effect mascara for a while and a while back I could get this mascara for 70% off, so I figured I'd give the FLE line another chance. I got the Clump Defy Extensions (CDE), because a lot of YouTubers were a fan of the Cover Girl version of this mascara: the Clump Crusher (Extensions). The difference between the Clump Defy and the Clump Defy Extensions is that there are fibers in the Extensions one. I think that the fibers are supposed to stick to your lashes to give extra volume and length to them. There's nowhere on the packaging nor the websites that Max Factor states that there are fibers in this mascara.

Most FLE mascaras have a huge wand, it's so big, that it's not even comfortable or convenient to use. The wand of the CDE is luckily average sized.

The wand is made out of rubber/silicone bristles and the wand has a curve to it. The bristles are paced close to each other and that's what separates the lashes from each other.

I have the black mascara, I always buy my mascara black, brown lashes aren't really natural on me.

If you look closely you can see the fibers at the end of the wand.

How does the mascara perform? See for yourself in the pictures beneath:

No mascara, a little bit of eyeliner
One layer of mascara
As you can see my lashes are nicely separated, but I don't see lots of volume. One layer of mascara looks very natural and nice, but that's not the look that I'm going for. I like more volume, without my lashes looking too messy or clumped up. I also have to run the wand a fair amount of times through my lashes to get this result. The same thing I have been struggling with with other FLE mascaras. The formula is quite dry, so I think that causes the wand to leave barely a layer of mascara on my lashes.

Two layers of mascara
This is how my lashes look with two layers of the mascara on. As you can see it gives more volume, but it also clumps up a few lashes. My lashes still don't look super clumped up. So it is still holding up it's promise that it separates the lashes. The second layer is going on a bit faster than the first layer, it's kind of like that the first layer of mascara is forming a base for the second layer to go on faster. I didn't like the clumped up lashes, so I picked them apart and this is how that looked:

My lashes are separated and not all clumped up. They still look pretty natural, but have more volume than with only on coat of mascara. It doesn't give my lashes crazy volume like they're advertised to do, but they definitely have more volume than without mascara. As you can see the mascara gives my lashes a lift, which make them appear a bit longer, which I like. It might seem that my lashes look better with one coat of mascara than with two, but the effect of one coat is so subtle in real life, it appears as if I am not wearing any mascara, it really does make my lashes look fluffy, but for me personally, the effect is too subtle.

With two coats of mascara my lashes do look better and fuller, but it takes quite some time to build it up, not something everyone has time for in the morning. As for the fibers, I don't think they're really working. The mascara is so dry, I don't think it leaves enough product to stick the fibers to my lashes, maybe here and there a few.

So what's my opinion on this mascara? I think it's an all right mascara, the results don't blow me away, because I still end up with a pretty natural lash look and not crazy volume. My expectations were also a bit high, because of the hype on the internet about this mascara. I don't hate it, I don't love it.
The mascara does separate the lashes really well, I have to give that some credit, but for me the formula is too dry and it makes me taking more time for my lashes. I don't like the fact that I have to do a lot of strokes with the wand, for an all right effect.
It's a good basic mascara with a wand that really separates the lashes. Would I repurchase? No.

I think this mascara is something for you if you like natural, separated lashes.

I'm sorry to say that the Clump Defy Extensions didn't make me join the Max Factor False Lash Effect/Covergirl LashBlast fan club. It might have been the hype around this mascara that I set my expectations too high.

Edit: Here's how the mascara looks with two thin coats, I think it's a great mascara for those who like a natural mascara look.

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