Monday, February 19, 2018


Hi everyone! Today I have another skin care haul for you. I have been busy lately and don't really have the time to write reviews. I have been testing out new products the past few weeks, so stay tuned for reviews in future blog posts!

My beloved Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner was almost done and I had to get a new toner. So I went internet shopping and ended up on (BB). For those who haven't heard of it yet (though I doubt that): it's a webshop based in the UK that ships their products worldwide. Since I live in the Netherlands I don't have to pay customs duty and such if I order from the UK, it's a different story when I order from webshops based outside Europe (and not to mention shipping costs). So I happily ordered from BB.

I bought the Embryolisse Eau de Beauté Rosamélis, the well-known Lait-Crème Concentré and the Mario Badescu 50th Anniversary Kit.

I just visited BB to see what toners they had, I ended up wanting to try out the Mario Badescu facial sprays. I didn't know which one to choose, so I continued checking out their products and I ended up throwing this kit in my virtual basket, since I have been forever wanting to try out the drying lotion (that's just logic in my head, to buy the entire kit instead of just a facial spray and the lotion). Jokes aside. I think you get pretty much bang for your buck with this kit, so I ordered it.

I have never used Embryolisse, but I have heard a lot of great stories. I saw that they had a facial spray/toner. So I decided to buy that one as well. I like to have back-ups of products, so I am not obligated to go to the drugstore when I run out of, let's say for now, toner. I guess that's why I am also some sort of a hoarder in beauty products. 

I know the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is a very popular and loved product for many many years. But somehow I have never used it. When I am about to run out of moisturizers I tend to buy what's in a buy one get one for free discount, so I pretty much always have moisturizer and I just forgot about the existence of this one. However, I finally bought the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré and I actually cannot wait to try it!

Speaking of buy one get one for free, I bought the nighttime and daytime moisturizer of the Garner SkinActive Hydra Bomb line in a buy one get one for free discount. I ran out of my tea tree moisturizer and I needed a new one, so I bought these two. I am using it for about a month now and I will be writing a review about it!

I also got the Garnier SkinActive Nourishing 3-in1 Face Moisturizer with Honey and the Garnier SkinActive Nourishing 3-in1 Face Moisturizer with Rose Water. I didn't thought much of it, I just thought it was nice to have a 3-in-1 moisturizer. It can be used as a daytime moisturizer, nighttime moisturizer and a face mask. In the Netherlands it is advertised as a balm and I guess that's what made me interested in this. And boy, this certainly is interesting stuff! These are the only ones available in the Netherlands, but I saw on their US website that they have two more (green tea and aloe) and even facial mists?! Why don't we have that?? 😱

Lastly, though it isn't for your face, I still count it as skincare, because it is for the skin on my hands: the Chemistry Brand's Hand Chemistry. I have seen a couple of good reviews about this hand cream and I read somewhere that it was the number one sold(?) hand cream in the UK in 2015 (I guess I'm constantly very late with trends..) and that is saying something right?!

So I guess that's it for this haul. I know it is a lot, but I didn't purchase this all at once, it was spread through January and February. It was also more like 'Oh, I like this stuff very much, let's go buy a backup in case I run out of it' and I ended up sounding like a shopaholic on my blog 🙈, whoops.

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