Sunday, March 11, 2018


Anastasia Beverly Hills has always been a pretty hard to get brand for me, because it was hard to come by their products. Now the brow and eye products are sold in some physical stores, but their liquid lipsticks? Nope. So when I found out that I could buy their liquid lipsticks online through a British web shop (no customs clearance fee!) I treated myself with a liquid lipstick of ABH in the color Kathryn.

The lipstick comes in a small box. The tube of the liquid lip is heavy, it feels luxurious and I think it's really pretty.

The applicator is not the typical doe-foot applicator, but it's flat on both sides, so it's like you have two reservoirs with product. So if there's not enough product on one side, you can flip the applicator over and you don't have to go back in with the applicator. I bought two shades, but the other shade does not have the same applicator, somehow.

From the side
Top of the applicator
The applicator works fine and I like the shape of it. I like how it's different from all the other standard doe-foot applicator, though those work fine too.

Let's see the swatches!

As you can see the color looks different in different lighting (duh), but the color IRL is somewhere in between the two swatch photos. I thought it would be more of a old rose/dusty rose color, but it turns out more like a red. It's probably because of my fair skin that colors tend to turn out darker than I expect. But I still think it's a pretty color, it just turned out darker than I thought it would. Not mad, though.

I like the formula of the ABH liquid lipsticks, they're not as drying as the NYX Lip Lingerie and they don't make my lips look as dry as with the NYX Lip Lingeries. It also is not as drying and feel very comfortable on my lips.

I will definitely be buying more of their shades as I love their formula!

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