Thursday, March 1, 2018


February passed, so it's time for a Finished, Used Up and Empty! I am going to share with you some things I have used up the past couple of months (November-ish - February). I have decided not to write about the less significant stuff like deodorant and shower gels, unless I was really impressed by them.

So let's start and see what I have used up, shall we?

First, the one that I am pretty sad about: the Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner. When I started using this toner, I immediately noticed that my pores were less prominent. My skin felt so hydrated and soft it kind of encouraged me to take better care of my skin. It made me love my skin more and it also made my foundation go on so beautifully.
The only bad thing I have to say about this toner is the price. It's 24 euros, which is a lot for a toner. Until now I've only used toners from the drugstore that are under the 5 euros, so from that to 24 euros was a huge step for me. I didn't really believe toners could do that much for my skin, so I stuck to the cheaper ones, it also used to be the last cleansing step before I hopped in the shower. For the full review on this toner. Click here, a new window will open.

Next, I've used up another one of my Garnier micellar water. I use it to clean the cleansing balm off my face in the evening and I use it to cleanse my face in the morning. As a makeup remover, it doesn't really work for me (can't get liner off my eyes), but it works for me to remove the last parts of makeup from my face.

The Sephora Smoothing Primer is all empty and I have to say that I am not really about that silicone primer life. It feels too oily for me, though it actually works great for oily skin. I just don't like the feeling of it. It does make your skin feel super smooth, but my face also feels trapped in a layer of silicone.

I have been using MakeUp Academy Pro-Base Mattify Fixing Mist for a reallllllyyyyy long time now and it's finally done! I remember I used it for the first time during the summer holidays in 2016. I don't know about you, but fixing my makeup is somehow not that integrated in my makeup routine. Most of the time I'm in a rush in the morning and I'm lucky to leave the house with a full face of makeup on. I saw this laying around and I finished it and I actually love fixing my makeup. It gives me that extra layer of moisturizer (I feel like) and it makes my makeup look fresh and not too matte/flat. I have to say that I really love the spritzer of this one. It gives such a fine, beautiful and perfect mist, I just love it. It has a very subtle and nice scent to it (so, yes, it is perfumed). It doesn't keep my face matte for the entire day, but I wonder if any product can do that.

I also used up the Bioré Watery Essence, as you can see in the picture above, I cut open the packaging and I can't find the top anymore (that I kept for the picture..). This is a nice sunscreen that applies like water and it doesn't leave a white cast on your face. If you do put a bit much on however, your face might feel a bit greasy or sticky. I always powder my face, so that's not a huge problem for me. On the blog where I got this beautiful image of the sunscreen I read that it makes your face feel matte/powdery. I guess I should've waited for the sunscreen to sink in my skin, but I think the stickiness of the sunscreen might've helped my foundation going on beautiful on my skin.

The Kruidvat Originals Tea Tree Day and Nighttime moisturizer. It took quite a few months to finish this one. It cleared my skin from redness on the cheeks. I'd say it's a great and budget friendly moisturizer, with a pretty heavy tea tree scent.

My Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner started to smell funny, so I figured it was very much time to toss it. I really don't understand how some girls's liquid eyeliner pencils only last a few weeks, mine always last for months and by the time I toss it, it still is capable of creating beautiful black lines.

The time has come for my beautiful Lancôme Hypnôse Drama. It gave my lashes lots of volume for 6 months, but now it really is time to replace the mascara with a new one.

And that is pretty much what I have used up in the past couple of months, makeup-wise. I don't really go through my makeup that fast, so I might not do a monthly Finished, Used Up and Empty.

I hope you've had a lovely February and I hope that March is going to be even better 😘

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