Thursday, March 8, 2018


I don't like to write something about a product that I don't even really own, but I have used a sample for a few days and I just couldn't keep it from you!

I received a sample of the Laboratoires Filorga Paris Time-Filler Mat Perfecting care [wrinkles+pores].

I went to a concert of The Killers and I wanted my makeup to last long and I didn't really have a nice primer (I am currently using the Nivea shave balm, doesn't really do miracles for me, so I'm not really loving it, but I am forcing myself to finish it). I saw that the sample said "time-filler mat" so I figured it was a primer that filled up my pores, wrinkles and also mattifies my face and I opened up the sample and I applied it to my face.

It had and still has a gel-like, watery concistency and it smells like expensive skincare. It smears out beautifully and a small amount is enough for you entire face. It instantly hydrates your skin and as it gets absorbed into the skin, it makes your face smooth and matte. A perfect base for your foundation.

So I applied it to my face, was totally blown away by it and I loved how it made my foundation look. It filled my pores up (not entirely, but my skin looked very smooth) and foundation was laying on top of it beautifully. I was amazed.

The next day I used it again and I still was loving it, so I decided to look it up on the internet. There I discovered that it is not a primer, but a moisturizer! It is doing so much for the appearance of my skin in only the few days that I've used it, I can't imagine what I can do for your skin in the long run.

It kept my oily skin, together with setting spray and powder, at bay for 10 hours and I have nothing bad to say about this product.

On the back of the sample the ingredients are listed and, boy, it is a whole list:

This is a moisturizer that's perfect for oily/combo skin and I 100% recommand this product. Too bad it's so expensive, but I guess you do pay for what you get with this moisturizer!

There wasn't really much information on the sample so I looked up the claims of this product and they sound pretty accurate to the result that I had pore and shine-wise, I can't tell for the wrinkles, I think I have to use it for a longer amount of time to really be able to tell if it works for wrinkles.
"This perfecting care smoothes wrinkles & imperfections to recreate ideal skin quality.
- Wrinkles: A Botox-like active ingredient combined with a powerful peptide boosts the synthesis of hyaluronic acid for a visible fill-in effect.- Pores: An astringent active ingredient reduces the size of pores while limiting the appearance of imperfections for a perfectly smooth complexion.- Shine: A sebum-regulating complex brings long-lasting skin mattness. 
FILORGA Time-Filler Mat is an ideal makeup foundation.  
After 28 days:- 96% Smoother skin*- 92% Refined skin texture*- 100% Mattifying effect*
*Clinical trial - Self-assessment - 25 women - 2 applications per day."
I love this moisturizer and when I can afford it, I definitely will be purchasing it!

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