Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I don't know why I have never heard of the L'Oréal Stylista line, but a few days ago I was in the drugstore and I saw the products of this line displayed and I couldn't help myself but buying two of the products. I was really interested in how the Sleek Serum and Blowdry Cream would work.

I was immediately drawn to the collection because of the look of the packaging. Pretty much all the bottles had the same model, but all of them had different colors, caps and sticker on them. On the sticker there's a text and a picture of the influencer with whom the product was created.

Since I've started blowdrying my hair with a brush for the fizzy baby hair on my forehead for a few weeks now, I wanted to try out the Blowdry Cream. I also wanted to try out the Sleek Serum, because I have been using the Biosilk Silk Therapy for a while now and I wanted to know if this is a good alternative for the Biosilk.

I like the fact that the bottles are pretty big, they contain 200 ml per bottle! That is a lot of Blowdry Cream and Sleek Serum.

Now, how do the product perform? Let's start with the Blowdry Cream.

I have fizzy baby hairs, they don't just point in every direction possible, they are also somehow semi-curled. So when I blow dry my hair, I apply a bit of the Blowdry Cream on the fizzy baby hairs and I blow dry the fizzy hair straight with a blowdryer and a brush.

I has a creamy/gel-like texture that's very smooth. It smells good and applies easily. This product claims to protect your hair against heat up to 230℃ and to keep your hair in place for a prolonged time.

It has been keeping my wild baby hairs tame for three days and that is a lot for my hair! Normally it'd hold up for 1-2 days before it starts to get fizzy again, but now my baby hairs haven't been acting like stupid baby hairs for three days straight! I was my hair about every three days, so it's save to say that it holds up until I wash my hair again.

I love this Blowdry Cream and if it runs out I'd repurchase if there's not another amazing product for blowdrying that I've discovered by then.

Edit: Do be careful when applying close to or on your roots, it does make your hair greasy faster. I applied it on my roots to blow dry my hair with a brush to create more volume, or at least I tried. As I don't really have experience blow drying my hair with a brush, I ended up just blow drying the rest of my hair and only straighten my baby hairs. I ended up with slightly greasy hair the next day and greasy hair the day after.

Next is the Sleek Serum. I wanted to see if it was comparable with the Biosilk Silk Therapy. I have to say pretty much nothing comes close to the Biosilk Silk Therapy, so my expectations of this serum weren't absurdly high. I did expect it to make my hair look shiny and sleek and I hoped that it would make my hair soft, too.

It has an ocean and musk smell. I'm not very fond of ocean smells, because it pretty much reminds me of toilets. The serum is pretty watery and not too thick. It spreads easily through the hair, but it doesn't make my hair instant soft like the Biosilk Silk Therapy does.

This serum gives your hair protection against heat up to 230℃ and has all-day anti-fizz properties. The serum does not contain silicones and is infused with Acai berry extract.

The texture of this serum is more watery than the blow dry cream. It does make my hair look sleek and shiny and that was the case for three days, up until I washed my hair.

I like the fact that both products provide heat protection and that the packaging has quite a lot product in it. I think both products do what they claim to do, but I still like my Biosilk Silk Therapy better than the Sleek Serum. I think the Biosilk smells better, makes my hair softer and shinier than the Sleek Serum. But the Sleek Serum on itself isn't a bad product at all, I just prefer the Biosilk Silk Therapy.

I am very happy with this purchase and I will gladly use these two products until I run out.

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