Saturday, March 10, 2018


I am a fan of full coverage. For me, the level of coverage is very important when I am buying foundations or concealers. I have some pigmentation spots on my face and therefore want to cover them up when I'm doing a full face of makeup. Today I am going to tell you how the Mac Studio Finish works for me, as you can see I have this product for quite a while now, but it never really occurred to me to tell you about it.. 
I've had this concealer for a while now and I am about halfway through, I think. I got this concealer when I was really aware of the pigmentation spots on my face and I wanted something to make then less visible. St that point in my life, I probably would've spent all of my money to get rid of those spots, so to speak. I really wanted to hide them so I was looking for a full coverage something that I could wear so the spots wouldn't be visible. I went to the MAC counter and the makeup artist recommended me the Studio Finish Concealer. I figured I'd give it a go and he colormatched me. MAC has this crazy philosophy where they want to neutralize your skin tone by using warm undertones (yellow) on people who have a cool undertone (pink) and vise versa. That's why NW (Neutral Warm) colors have cool undertones and NC (Neutral Cool) colors have warm undertones. I don't know who came up with that bull crap idea, but that sure ain't how foundations or concealers work in my opinion.

So with the knowledge I had of MAC's color correcting philosophy (not) I let the mua at the counter colormatch me. I told the mua that I had a foundation of them and it was a bit too light for my liking. He asked me what color I was, and I said that I didn't remember, but I did know that it was 20. He told me that for concealing dark spots a lighter shade would be the best option, but I wanted something that was a close to 100% match with my own skin, so I could wear it without foundation on top and without me having a ghost face. He matched me with NC25 and I happily went home.

The next day when I wanted to use the concealer, I discovered that it wasn't a match at all. The concealer has a pink undertone and that makes me look like pumpkin if I don't fix it with foundation. I was a bit disappointed and pissed off, because I expected that a makeup artist would know that Asians have yellow undertones and that NC colors wouldn't be a match at all (still mad when I think about it).. But I was so excited to finally have a concealer that would cover up anything that I used it for a long time anyway (hence half of the concealer being used). I used it mainly under my eyes and on top of the hyper pigmentation and covered the mismatched concealer up with foundation in the right color until I didn't look orange. 

For the amount that I use, it isn't enough to be a full coverage concealer. But I have read that this concealer is used to cover up tattoos, so I guess that coverage is very buildable. I don't want to build with this foundation, however, because it will make my face look like a pumpkin on a stick.

I'm still bummed that it's the wrong color, but I will use it until it's done, because I did pay big bugs for this concealer.

Here's a precies of the coverage that this concealer provides:

Even on my hand you can see that this concealer has the wrong undertone. But this picture shows you how covering the concealer can be. 

This is what the concealer looks like blended out. You can have any coverage level you want with this concealer, as long as you have time to build the coverage, the time to blend and the right color. I do think, however, that it might feel like a thick layer of makeup on your face if build it up too much.

I like the coverage of this concealer and I just can't wait until I have finished this one to go buy the right color. I can't imagine how much more I'll probably love this concealer if it'd be the correct color match. 

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