Thursday, March 22, 2018


We are in March now, which means that a new mascara was chosen from my stash to be used. I first picked another mascara, but that's a story for later. I had the idea that this mascara is a very clumpy one and I thought it is a perfect first mascara, with a very separating mascara that lacks volume on top. To see how that looks, come back in a few days, because today we are only going to talk about the Maybelling the Falsies Push Up Drama mascara in Indecent Black!

The mascara came in a box. I like that very much. It gives me the idea that no one has opened the mascara before to check out the wand or anything.

On the box the claims of this mascara are stated: it lifts the lashes and intense black volume that holds lift. They also tell you how to use the mascara: "Sweep lashes from root to tip, repeating until desired lift and volume are achieved. Do not let dry between coats."

I first thought that the mascara was a two-step mascara, with a primer and a actual mascara or something, but it turns out it has only one wand.

The wand is not small nor big and the spaces between the bristles are pretty big. What immediately came to my mind was that this was probably a volumizing mascara that clumps quite a few lashes together.

So the special thing about this mascara is the cup-shaped bristles. To be completely honest, I can't really spot the cups, because the wiper wipes the mascara off leaving the brush with an even coat of mascara, in which the cups are hard to see. I'm sure that when you wipe off all the mascara, you'll see the cups.

The formula of the mascara is thick and waxy, but also pretty wet. It doesn't really dry out that fast, which gives you the time to build the volume and take care of some clumps.

I love how the mascara leaves a thick layer of mascara on my lashes, unlike the Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions, which frustrates me. I don't feel like the mascara is very heavy and it also doesn't wear my lashes down. But if you don't have a lot of lashes and they're pretty straight, this might not be the mascara for you; it might clump up all your lashes and wear them down.

Like I said, I love how the mascara gives me volume and I quite like the way it applies. The first few days the mascara was more wet and now it has dried down a bit, I find it easy to apply without clumping all of my lashes together.

No mascara
I am only wearing a bit of eyeliner on my upper lash line in the picture above.

One coat of mascara
This is how my lashes look with one coat of mascara. It leaves a black coat on my lashes, gives them a bit more volume and length, not super impressive.

Two coats of mascara
And this, you people, is how my lashes look after two coats of mascara. It looks much better than one coat. I think it gives beautiful volume and if I would use it as a single mascara (without another one on top), I wouldn't be mad at the way my lashes looked.

The mascara gives my lashes a pretty dramatic look and doesn't clump my lashes together as bad as I thought it would do.

The mascara doesn't dry too fast, which gives me plenty of time to build the mascara and to separate lashes that are a bit too clumpy for my liking. I like the formula and I think the claims are true: the mascara lifts my lashes (see pictures above) and it gives me plenty of volume after two coats and the lift is there for the rest of the day.

The only thing with this mascara is that it might be too clumpy or wet for some people. I don't think it is a great mascara for people with sparse lashes or people with super stick-straight lashes: it might make your lashes look extremely clumped together or wear your lashes down/not give them a lift.

For me, this mascara works and I am happy about it. I thought it would be extremely clumpy, but that's not really the case.

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