Monday, March 12, 2018


Brows have become an very important part of makeup past few years and more and more brow products are coming out. Where there were only powders and simple pencils years ago there are now all sorts of products for your brows. I like powders, pencils and pomades and today I am going to tell you what I think about the Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder.

I have the brow powder in color number 5. I believe it's the darkest shade in the range.

As you can see the brow powder comes with an applicator and if you pull on the end, there's a spoolie. I don't really like the applicator, so I always use my Anastasia #14 brush. The pan is in the shape of a brow, cute! There's a darker and a lighter shade, with the lighter shade you can fill in the front of your brow and with the darker shade you can fill in the tail of your brow or you can simply use one of the colors for you entire brow or mix them up.

This is how my brow looks without any product. They're thin and not really there.

This is how I like to fill in my brows, not too heavy. The color is perfect and doesn't appear too fake. Like the duo brow powder from Anastasia, it doesn't survive a heavy workout, but I find that this brow powder holds on to my skin better than the Anastasia one. The Anastasia duo brow powder is more pigmented, though.

I use this brow powder everyday and I think it's great for everyday wear. I also use this for evening looks. What I do is use a bit more product and draw them on heavier. this brow powder holds up the entire day (workouts not included) and I quite like it. The powder is finely milled and when I use a spoolie to run over my brows, it doesn't erase the entire brow, which happens with some brow powders.

Final verdict: I like this powder and I am using this one non stop every day for several months now! You can do heavy brows and natural brows with it. I tend to do natural brows more. I also like powders best for natural brows, for heavier brows I like to use a pomade. It's great for everyday wear and I think it'll take ages to run out of this product.

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