Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gratitude Journal #1


I want to start a journal on my blog about the things I am thankful for. This will be my gratitude journal, online. Every once in a while I'll discuss something that comes to my mind that I'm thankful for. Why? Because I think we should be more grateful, even for the smallest things like being able to breathe every second, to walk free on earth, in short: things we often take for granted. Nowadays (I am speaking for myself) we focus mainly on the things we want (don't have) and not on the things we have.
I want myself to focus more on the things I have or at least be thankful for the things I already have. To focus more on the things that I already have will hopefully change my perspective of mind: I have heard that I am a pretty negative person and I think this is a small first step to change that!

As you might have made up from the picture above, today I want to talk about the sense of smell.
Without the sense of smell we can't smell (well, duh) or taste food properly. Since food is for the most of us a huge and important part of our life, life wouldn't be the same if we suddenly couldn't smell anymore.

A friend of someone I know fell on her head and lost her sense of smell. She couldn't really taste any food anymore and eating got weird, because she only could feel the texture and temperature of the food she was eating. The pleasure she got from eating food was gone and she didn't really enjoyed eating anymore. She lost a lot of weight and I don't know if she ever got her sense of smell back.

It certainly is not something I would want to go through, because food bring a lot of joy in my life. I am the kind of person who eats all day and who enjoys eating very. much. Imagine never being able to taste sushi anymore. OMG!

Something else I enjoy is the smell of perfume. I wear it everyday. The smell of fresh clothes or bedsheets, the garden when it rains on a sunny day, your partner, ...gosh. Life would not be the same without being able to smell.

XO's Anna 

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