Friday, July 28, 2017

OPI My Very First Knockwurst

Yesterday I painted my Mom her nails with OPI My Very First Knockwurst. Her nails are long, strong and beautiful. I think they're the perfect hands for swatches, so I am going to use my Mom her hands as model for the swatches of this lovely soft neutral pink with a hint of grey/nude color.

I think this color suits every skin tone. In my opinion it is a perfect color for spring/summer, but also wearable in the fall or winter if you like your nails to have a subtle nude color (so suitable for any time lol). This polish launched in the Germany Collection of Fall 2012. I don't really remember when I bought this polish, but this is the first, maybe second time I'm using it.
My nail polish stash isn't the biggest, but it also is not the smallest, so the combination of my cute stash and not painting my nails for a while made me kind of forget about this polish. Until my Mom wanted me to paint her nails. She liked this color and see below for the results:

I think it's a really pretty color and I think I might paint my nails with this color the next time I do them.

What colors do you mostly wear on your nails and what do you think about this color?

XO's Anna

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