Monday, August 7, 2017

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown

I started to fill in my brows when I was sixteen years old. I have seen several pictures of crazy (fail) brows and I didn't want to end up looking back at my high school pictures with disgust, so I started filling them in very subtle with bad pigmented black eyeshadow (I am Asian, my hair very dark). I followed the shape of my own brows and slowly I gave them more definition and such. I have oily skin and when my T-zone got all greasy the eyeshadow on my brow started to break and people could see black spots in the very sparse spots of my brow.

I wanted to go buy something for my brows with good quality, something that didn't slip during the day. I had heard good things about Anastasia Beverly Hills, so I decides my next good quality brow product was going to be one of Anastasia's.

After years of using a bad pigmented eyeshadow (that never run out) I decided I wanted to use a fancy product for my brows. I had my eye on the duo brow powder of Anastasia already, but later I heard about the world famous dipbrow pomade.

So when someone I knew was in the States and that person wanted to buy make up for me (it's a lot cheaper in the States than in The Netherlands) I ordered a dipbrow pomade and the duo browpowder.

I was used to using black eyeshadow for my brows and I once used a brown eyebrow pencil from Essence for a week. My best friend was noticing I drew my brows because you could totally see they were brown and I went back to my black eyeshadow quickly.

Later someone I knew drew her brows in almost the same brown color I was drawing my brows for a week and I noticed how much I disliked it and how totally fake/visible drawn her brows were (she told me she knew it doesn't really match her hair, but she liked how it looked). So I had real problems deciding what color to choose, because I despised brown (like chocolate brown) and black might be too dark for my since I was using a really bad pigmented eyeshadow.

I decided to go for Medium Brown for the pomade, because the girl with the brown brows went to a store where they sold Anastasia Beverly Hills products and asked someone who worked there to draw her brows so she could see how the colors looked on her. She told me medium brown was a perfect match, so I went for Medium Brown.

It if a good color for me. I read that for a lot of people that it's really smudge proof and that once it's applied, it stands like a house. For my it's not the case. It does fade a little towards the end of the day. And after a workout they're almost gone. I think that my oily skin plays a big part in everyday wear. It probably slowly slips and slides off my face, but oh well, what can you do about it, right?

I have not regretted it for a second. I really like the color. Let me show you how it looks and how I draw my brows.

First, this is how my brows look without anything on them (actually my brow and not brows), excuse my lashes, the mascara I use is a bit dry, but I'm not ready throw away my precious Le Volume de Chanel :(((

Then I like to draw a line at the lower base of my brows, like so:

After that, I draw a line following the upper base of my brows, as you can tell I don't overline/draw my brows, I like to keep them as natural as possible on daily basis.

Then, I fill in my brows between the two lines I have drawn and with what's left on my brush, I fill in the front part of my brows, so the beginning of my brows aren't super harsh.

If I have the feeling my brows are too harsh, I run a spooly through my brows, it will look something like this:

And when I think my brows are too soft, I fill them in with as little product as possible and the result will look something like this:

On daily basis this is how my brows look. I'd say this was an OK-brow day. I like the lower baseline to be a tiny bit darker to have a more defined brow.

This is how I fill in my brows and I hope it was helpful to you.

What product(s) do you use for your brows??

XOs Anna

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