Monday, August 21, 2017

c.d.6+ Antiperspirant

During hot days it's kind of a battle for me trying not to create armpit pools. Sometimes there's even a funny smell coming from my armpits. I know, disgusting. Spray deodorant don't really work for me against sweating, they just mask the smell. A year ago I discovered that there are certain products out there that really stop sweating from your armpits by simply blocking the sweat from coming out of your skin. I went to Germany with my mom and I saw they had this product called c.d.6+. I have no idea where it stands for and what brand it is. I only know it says that its extra strong, suitable for sensitive skin and stop your armpits from sweating.

But does it really work? Find out after the click!

The magic in this product is aluminum salt. If you don't want to use aluminum on your armpits, you should skip this product. I, however, don't mind using it on my armpits, because there are studies out there that proof that aluminum on your skin doesn't get absorbed. It just blocks your sweat glands by binding to a protein somewhere on the way out.

It's a white, stiff cream in the tube. It has a certain, not unpleasant, smell to it. It kind of smells like an ointment you can buy in the drugstore that comes in a small can. Can't recall the name for a moment. The packaging says it doesn't contain perfume, so the smell must come from a component of the antiperspirant.

I squeeze out a finger tip unit and rub it between my two hands. After the cream isn't as thick anymore, I simply apply it to my armpits with my finger tops.
I find it hard to wash off my hands, so what I like to do is first moisturize my hand with hand cream or body lotion. Wipes as much as possible off to body parts and not wash it off with water and soap. After my fingers aren't to slippery, but still have some moisturizer on them, I squeeze out a finger tip unit and apply as described on my armpits. I still is a bit hard to wash off, but it certainly does not leave as much on your fingers.

But does it work???? For me, yes. I have dry armpits during hot summer days and I love it. I can wear grey shirts and put my arms up without sweat pools showing in my armpit area and that, to me, is great.

However I don't use it for a very long period during the summer, because I do believe that with sweating you dump toxic out of your body. So when I know it is getting hot and I don't want sweaty armpits to show on my shirts, I use this for that period of time.

It starts working for 100% after 2-3 days daily use for about 3-5 days if you stop using it after the 2-3 days of application and it works great!

I have been to Madrid and Lisbon the past week and believe me, it was hot there and my armpits stayed dry. However, I don't think you should use it longer than 5 days, because that will cause irritation (it happened to me, but I'm not sure if it's because of the anti-perspirant). If you want to use it for the long run, I suggest you use it for 5 days and stop for a week and continue to use it for 5 days.

Have you ever tried cream antiperspirant? What are your experiences with it? Let me know!

XOs Anna

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