Saturday, August 5, 2017

How I Got Long Lashes

Hi everyone! Today I want to share some sort of DIY for you.  I have had sad, stick-straight lashes all my life and I sleep with the blankets in my face on the right side. That resulted in the lashes of my right eye to slightly curl up and my left lashes to be stick-straight and some even pointing downwards. I wanted lovely long and curled lashes, but since I'm Asian it's almost impossible. Keep on reading to see what I achieved and how!

First of all, I have pretty long lashes for an Asian person. They didn't curl and weren't very full or thick. Then I started to read that castor oil stimulates growth of the lashes and that many people had amazing results.

So I bought a bottle of castor oil and was looking up how everyone applied it. Some applied it with their fingers, others with a cotton swab. Both method weren't really appealing to me. It was clear to me that you had to apply it to your lash line and not per se over your lashes.

I wanted to use an empty eyeliner container to put the oil in, but since I only use eyeliner pens I didn't have one. So where better to look for empty eye liner containers than eBay? I found this gem (see pictures) on eBay and ordered it.

I comes as an empty container. I rinsed it with some rubbing alcohol and let it dry. I put the oil in it and put the stopper on it and it was good to go. It applies like any other eyeliner brush the comes with eyeliner and I like how it works. There's just one thing I don't like about it and that is that it leaks. So you have to store it standing up and not lying around.

On to my lashes. I don't have any before and after pics, but I have some before and after make up pics.

Naked eye
This is what my lashes look like without any mascara or make up on, isn't that great?!

Eye make up, no mascara
This is how my lashes look with a little bit of eye make up on, but no mascara. I have a very soft brown liner going on.

One coat of mascara
This is how my lashes look with one coat of Maybelline's The Rocket Volum' Express. They look fluffy and natural. I don't feel like it gives met rocket volume. Excuse my crazy lash that is pointing to a totally random direction, I don't know what's wrong with her. Quick review: it separates my lashes very well and gives them a natural almost no mascara look. There's nothing extreme going on here. I personally don't really like this mascara, because it's effect is too subtle for what it's advertised for. It is perfect for those who want a subtle mascara look, though. I also find it pretty hard to reach the small hairs in my inner corner and the outer lashes, since the brush doesn't leave much product on your lashes and is so big. The spikes of the brush are also very hard, so if you stab your eye by accident, it really hurts and I'm not the type of person who finds mascara wands hurt my eyes very fast.

Three coats of mascara
And this is how my lashes pretty much look from day to day. I added two coats of mascara (Le Volume de Chanel) and that's the combination of mascaras that I'm currently using. It makes my lashes look good (in my opinion), but the Chanel one is drying out, which makes my lashes look clumpy. Before it was dried out it was a great mascara that added tons of volume to my lashes without clumping my lashes together. I have to replace this mascara actually, which makes me very said. :(

In short: I recommend using castor oil to everyone! And I also have to say that I sleep with my blankets in my face, which makes my lashes curl a bit naturally, mascara will then to the trick for me.

Have a nice day and I'll talk to you soon!

XO's Anna

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