Thursday, August 3, 2017

OBSESSED: Gelish Polygel

Hi all! I am starting a new series on my blog called "OBSESSED". In the series I will discuss things on the internet I found with which I am practically obsessed. That's why I called the series OBSESSED.

Last weekend I was binge watching YouTube videos about gel nail polish: different brands, gel nail art, ombre technique, shiny nails, hauls.... I was in gel nail heaven. And then I discovered something relatively new by the brand Gelish (no this post is not sponsered, LOL). Keep on reading to find out more!!

So for people look for a review: this is not a review, sorry! I wish it was, though. There's nothing I hate more than looking for reviews and find that it's actually a simple description of the product instead. Again, this is not a review, but more a rave about this product.

What I saw was kind of a mix between gel and acrylics. It's awesome! I comes in a tube, you squeeze it, apply it, cure it and file it. Wuuuuuut. You just have to see the video:

As it was told in the first video the tubes will be around 50 USD (per tube) and with one tube you can do approximately 250 nails. It's more of a file off gel than a soak off gel. More information can be found in the video above.

If I was a nail technician I would absolutely try this out. Just simply squeezing the gel out of the tube looks fun to me!

Are there any other gel nail products that I don't know about yet?? Let me know!

XO's Anna

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