Friday, August 11, 2017

Solutions For Thigh Chafing/Rubbing Thighs


Summers are always a struggle for me. I get hot easily and the worst thing when I wear shorts, skirts of dresses: rubbing thighs aka thigh chafing. It depends on your figure if you suffer from it. But since I'm Asian my hips aren't very wide, so my legs are closer together than legs of a person who has wider hips and I also am not the thinnest. These two factors make my thighs rub. The worst thing about thigh chafing is that when your skin gets a bit sweaty and you're walking for a while, your skin will start to hurt and it's going to be a challenge to walk long distances.

But do not fear! I have a few tips for you to enjoy shorts, skirts and dresses!

1. Silicone-based lube or any other anti-friction cream

I have read that silicone-based lube will make your thighs rub very smoothly against each other, so it won't make them all red and irritated. There's a product out called Vevina, which is specially produced for this problem, but both will do the job. There probably are more products out there for thigh chafing by different names or brands. I think it's a good solution if you're wearing short dresses or skirts and don't want anything to stick out from under. I don't know if I'd use lube when I'm wearing shorts, because it might get all over your shorts on the parts between your legs. I haven't tried this out, because I don't think I'd like the slippery feeling.

2. Bike shorts

Bike shorts are a pretty known thing for thigh chafing. The only downside to this is that it might show under your clothes and that might not always be very charming. However, they're designed to be very fresh, so when you get hot or sweaty, I think it's pretty comfortable down there.

3. Talcum powder

Some people swear by talcum powder. For me, however, this method doesn't really work. Because my thighs are as good as always touching and when it's very hot outside, I get sweaty and the talcum powder doesn't really work anymore. I also have to apply several times throughout the day and that's something I don't like, I'm lazy with that sort of thing y'know.

4. Anti perspirant

This one I have tried myself. It is advised to only use this on your inner thighs when there are no irritations, inflammations or open areas. For me it does help for a little while. I used a spray deodorant. It prevents sweating in the areas sprayed on and it also leaves a kind of slippery layer, which makes your thighs rub a little less harsh against each other. It doesn't really 100% prevent my thighs from getting irritated during long walks on hot days (I was on a city trip), so I, personally, don't really like this method.

5. Bandelettes

I have ordered mine. I haven't tested them out yet, but I have heard many great things about them! I think the lace ones look elegant and for those who don't want lace, they also have a "plain" version. I think it's great to have choices. There's a silicone strap inside them, which prevents them from moving around and if they stay put and don't tear or anything, this might be the best solution for me during the hot days with dresses and skirts!

What do you use during hot days against thigh chafing or which one are you going to try out?

XOs Anna

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