Sunday, October 8, 2017

How Does It Work: BHA?


As I told you in the blog post where I told you about how I got rid of my clogged pores (click), one of the things I used to get rid of them was a BHA exfoliant. Today I want to tell you how that works and how it is beneficial to your skin. So if you're interested, keep on reading!

BHA stands for beta hydroxy acid. It is also known as salicylic acid, which is extracted from the bark of a willow tree. It is widely used in cosmetics, because of it's purifying properties. A lot of times purifying products are advertised with "contains salicylic acid". People know it has purifying properties, but they often don't know exactly why and how it's purifying. So that's what I am going to tell you today!

BHA is oil soluble, so it penetrates into the pores of the skin. It softens and causes sloughing of the top layer of skin cells, so it's perfect for exfoliation. BHA also loosens and breaks apart the attachments between cells in the outer layer of the skin, which is a very positive thing for exfoliation and unclogging of pores and getting rid of black heads. Salicylic acid also encourages the cell turnover.

Because BHA oil soluble, it penetrates oily skin and clogged pores. So, what does that mean? That means that it is very suitable for unclogging pores and exfoliating (oily) skin in this case, which is great.

For those who want to get rid of their blackheads: use a leave-on salicylic acid gel or lotion on them, I find these to work the best. You'll see results in a few days, believe me!

Salicylic acid is a great exfoliant, it helps the skin to to slough buildup of dead skin cells and makes your skin look smooth, feel smooth, look radiant and even.

In short: BHA or salicylic acid is perfect for those with oily skin, clogged pores, blackheads..

Depending on your skin, salicylic acid is effective in concentrations from 0,5% - 2,0%. It also depends on your skin wether to use it every day, every other day or every third day. When you find that your skin gets dry or irritated from using salicylic acid, try to use it less frequent or add a moisturizer to your routine.

And lastly: always protect your skin from the sun if you're using an exfoliant!! Your skin will be more sensitive for the negative effects of the sun and that's why you should use SPF 30 or higher. As you might or might not know: I am a sunscreen freak and wether you exfoliate or not, I think you should use sunscreen anyway.

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