Thursday, October 12, 2017

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

As you might have read in my August Favorites, this liner is one of my favorites. This was also the first liquid eyeliner pencil that I bought. I had a few eyeliner before that came in a little pot/jar thingy. I was a real noob back then and I just couldn't work with the brushes of those things. So I never reached again for liquid liner, actually and I was hooked on gel liner. Then I bought the Master Precise Liquid Liner...
First of all, the packaging. It's like a sleek pencil. With a felt tip that is tapered. It's black with white text printed on it. I like how the font of "master precise" looks as if someone wrote it down with a felt tip pen.

I have the eyeliner pen in black. It contains 1 ml of liner and can make thin lines of 0.44 mm, according to the packaging. It has an "ultra-fine tip", to which I totally agree.

I can make very fine, dark lines with the tip and when I want a thicker line, I push the pencil a bit harder on my lash line so that the thicker part of the felt tip touches my skin and leaves a thicker line. I also find it very easy to create a wing. I just "stamp" a wing on my eyes with the tip and fill in the gaps. It's so convenient! The line it leaves is completely black and no skin is showing through.
I have been using this particular eyeliner pen for about 5 months now and it is starting to dry out a little bit. Until a few weeks ago it was still working perfectly. The tip is starting to dry out, so I am keeping it upside down. I can do one eye with no problem and for the second eye I have to run over my lash line a few times. I guess it's actually time to toss it, but not before I have used it to swatch it for you!

The liner does not feather when I swatch it on my hand. I can make such precise lines with it. I can't express how great I think this eyeliner is. I have tried two other liquid eyeliner pencil than this one and that is one of Essence and one of Kiko Milano. The color pay-off of the Essence one was good and it didn't feather of smudge, but I didn't like the tip. It didn't work as fine as this tip for me, I ended up not using it after a few weeks. The other one wasn't actually an liquid eyeliner pencil, it was an eyebrow marker from Kiko. It was too dark for my brows, so I used it as a dark grey eyeliner pencil. It worked fine, not as bad as the Essence one, but I still preferred the Master Precise.

Below you can see two different, simple looks I made with the eyeliner.

Pretty thin eyeliner, no wing

Thin, winged liner
As you can see, it's easy to make a sharp wing with the pencil. I think it's a great liner. I love the thin, long, sharp tip, because it makes lining my eyes so easy, I just lay the tip flat against my lash line and drag it along my lash line. It creates a beautiful, intense black line without feathering or whatsoever and it doesn't smudge on me during the day. 

So if you are looking for a great eyeliner with a long, thin tip, I'd say go get this one! I also think it is perfect for those who are starting to use liquid liner, because I mastered the liquid eyeliner skill with this little gem đŸ’•.

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