Friday, October 27, 2017

Sephora Smoothing Primer

Since I discovered what primer can do for my makeup look, I use it pretty much everyday. A good primer for is one that make my skin look smooth (=makes my pores look less visible), makes my foundation longer lasting and keeps my face matte as long as possible. I have been using this primer for a couple of months now and I even almost finished it, so I think it's the right time to write a review about it since I have used it long enough to form a proper opinion about it.

This primer is a silicone based one, so if you don't want or like to use silicones on your face, you might want to skip this one. I don't mind applying silicone to my face, so I just used it. I have to say that I am not a big fan of silicone based primers, but because I bought this one a while ago, I had to use it (sort of doing a project 10 pan).

Whenever I put on this primer, the surface of my skin feels very, very smooth, almost kind of slippery. You're probably familiar with the feeling of a silicone primer.

As you can see on the picture, it's a clear primer. When you apply it to your face, it instantly makes your face look matte and very smooth, almost slippery/oily, but in a good way (some might not like it).

After that, applying foundation goes very smoothly. I notice that when I use primer, the foundation gives more or better coverage somehow. That is also the case with this primer. However, it does not do anything for my oily skin, it doesn't claim to fight oily skin by the way. But since a primer makes your makeup last longer, preventing oils to break out might be a property of a primer in my opinion.

It does make my foundation look smooth on my face, but it is not the best pore eraser that I have ever used. It does keep my makeup in place longer than when I would not use a primer. I think it is an all right primer, not the best, because it claims to be a smoothing primer and the when I apply my foundation, I am not wowed by the smoothing the primer does. I think it's a good primer if you already have smooth skin and normal or dry skin.

Would I repurchase? Even though the packing is so small and cute, I don't think I will repurchase. The reason is that I prefer primers that are more tacky, if you know what I mean. Like Kiko matte base primer. I somehow have the feeling that my makeup glides off my face because the primer makes my skin feel like stuff sill glide off and also because it doesn't do anything to stop my face from getting greasy.


  1. Jammer dat hij toch niet helemaal fijn werkt! Ik vind het echt moeilijk om een goede primer te vinden.

    1. Hey, naamgenoot! Klopt, ik denk niet dat primers die voornamelijk uit siliconen bestaan voor mij zijn weggelegd.. Heb het gevoel dat mijn foundation van mijn gezicht afglijdt tijdens het aanbrengen door die primers in plaats van dat ze ervoor zorgen dat mijn foundation juist beter blijft zitten :(


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