Friday, November 3, 2017

My Journey to Fitness #2

In my Journey to Fitness I take you with me through the struggles and highlights of my journey. I have been out of the game for more than a year and I have put on some weight, with which I am not happy about. I want to get fit again and fit into the clothes that I fit in 5 years ago (at least). Since I really am not a diet person it's going to be a long journey and I accept that; gaining weight was also a long journey ;). I want to write it down for myself to give me that extra push to help myself and hopefully you, too!

It has been a while since the last time I posted my first Journey to Fitness, I think it is about a month ago? Today I'll talk about struggles I have been through the past month and my progress.

I aimed at going to the gym at least three times a week, there were a few week that I only went two times. I also almost landed in a funk where I didn't want to go to the gym, because my social anxiety was kicking in again.

For me, in those moments it's hard to decide whether I'm going or not. Somehow I am almost afraid to go, because I'll be seen. It sounds ridiculous now, but it certainly does not feel that way in those moments. I think it's the worst, in my case, when I haven't gone for a few days and I forgot that it's not that bad in the gym. When I "get scared" to go, I push myself and check on Google if it's not too crowded.
Every time I'm at the gym it is not bad as I thought it would be. People are nice and everyone is there to work out. Besides, when I get back I'm very happy I went and that is what I mainly hold on to if I have to motivate myself! What if I wouldn't go? I'd feel very bad about myself. What if I would go? I'd feel great when I'm back home and in my bed at the end of the day. Also, I'd be happy I went, because I would feel like I accomplished something.
My tip: try to focus more on the long-term accomplishments if you would just go and kick *ss! đŸ’ª

Something else that motivates me is that I need to go, in order not to lose strength. What I like about going to the gym is that you get stronger every time. I can lift a little bit heavier every time and that makes me low-key proud of myself. I can see my body getting a little bit more toned and that also motivates me.

So, in short: my motivation is still there, I am still going and that good. I notice that there are results (getting a bit stronger every time). BUT, of course there's a but, my "diet" isn't going too well.

Lately, I've been giving in to my need for snacking. Luckily I didn't go extreme, but I also couldn't handle myself as I would've liked. My pants are still more loose than before I started to go to the gym, but they're not any more loose than a month before.

So, that's that. Going to the gym is not the problem now, but my diet. I have to say, I don't really have a diet, I just made a deal with myself that I wouldn't eat junk anymore and only regular meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know that eating small amounts throughout the entire day is better than three bigger meals, but I wanted to keep it simple for myself and just start with quitting the junk. That worked for a few weeks.

The best solution for me is, I think, that when I do crave for something that I can have it, but just a little bit, like one or two bites, max one time a day. I think that's the best option for now.

So, this time's recap:

What went well?
- Going to the gym (frequency), not perfect, but above acceptable
- Mindset: tell myself to just do it and stop whining about others seeing me in the gym
- Motivation: still want to be(come) fit
- Improvement: I can lift heavier, body looks more toned, my coat feels less tight around the arms and I can do the stair master at a higher level without feeling like I'm about to pass out (yay!)

What didn't go so well?
- Diet: too much snacking for my liking

What am I trying to improve coming weeks?
- Diet: less snacking, trying to limit the calories that I don't need

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