Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I am always on the lookout for a moisturizer that works great for my skin. The last couple of months I have been using a simple, budget-friendly tea tree moisturizer and in combination with my skin care routine, it made my skin look good. There were almost no red spots on my cheeks and my skin looked very smooth! But I didn't like the scent it had. It had a very strong tea tree smell and the last couple of weeks it started to tingle on my cheeks, not in a good way. So I bought the Hydra Bomb day and night moisturizer and I have been using it for long enough to write a review about it!

So I first was using the Hydra Bomb (HB) night gel-cream with the Garnier SkinActive Nourishing 3-in1 Face Moisturizer for the day. I bought them together in a buy one get one free discount and the HB daytime moisturizer was sold out. So I bought the 3-in-1 moisturizer which sounded interesting. And boy, it surely is! It is some sort of balm and.. well, let's get into that in another blog post, shall we?

Long story sort: I later bought the HB daytime moisturizer because I wanted to know how these to work together on my face and set aside the 3-in-1 balm for a while.

Let's start talking about the moisturizers!

The daytime moisturizer comes in an airtight packaging. As the cream comes out, there's a sort of plateau that comes up with the cream. So super airtight. The consistency is that of a cream, but more on the watery side. So the moisturizer isn't very heavy. It has a very fresh scent and I like how it smells. This means that these moisturizers contain perfume and if you don't use perfumed stuff on your face, this isn't for you.

Anyway, it's a white, watery cream with a lovely, fresh smell.

I like this moisturizer, but I don't love it. For me, it's just a tiiiiny bit too watery for me. I like a moisturizer that's on the richer side, because I have the idea that my skin gets greasy faster when my moisturizer is less rich. Lucky for me, the sunscreen I am currently using is pretty oily so that kind of fills the needs of moisture for my skin. I think it is a great moisturizer for the summer and not in the winter. Tho this moisturizer is part of the Hydra Bomb line, I don't think it's such a hydra bomb for my face. In the USA this line is called Moisture Bomb for some reason and the packaging is slightly different. The daytime moisturizer also has SPF 30 and the one in Europe, or at least in the Netherlands, it has a SPF of 10.

The nighttime moisturizer is a gel-cream as the packaging states and it sure is a gel-cream! See for yourself:

It's sooo gelly and I love the texture. When you apply it to your face it melts and it feels like you rub thick water on your face, that's a weird description, but I can't do better. It doesn't immediately gets soaked up into the skin, but it leaves a, almost dimeticone-y, layer on your skin, as if it's still moisturizing you skin a while after applying. The next day my skin doesn't feel dehydrated, so it does its job moisturizing my skin. But for nighttime moisturizers I also like moisturizers on the richer side.
It has the same scent as the daytime moisturizer. The other thing about this moisturizer is that because of it's gel-like texture, I tend to use a lot at once, because it's so light, it doesn't feel like you apply too much.

I think this moisturizer is more for those who like lighter moisturizers. For how watery the consistency of both moisturizers is, it does hydrate my skin surprisingly well. For consistency and hydrating properties the name Hydra Bomb (or Moisture Bomb if you're from the USA) is really well-chosen. My skin is well hydrated and I will continue using it until I run out. It might be a good idea for me to stop using these, use a richer moisturizer for now and start using the HBs again in the summer. For the cold(er) seasons I like a moisturizer that is (very) rich.

To whom do I recommend these moisturizers? To those who have normal/combi skin and for everyone in the summer.

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