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As you might have read in my last haul, I bought the Chemistry Brand's Hand Chemistry. I have read and seen some good reviews on this hand cream and decided to test it out myself. Because, I mean, it's hand cream, how good can it be? Let's find out!

First of all, I bought a pretty small size, it's 30 ml (1 fl. oz). It's great for traveling or for keeping one in your purse. It comes in a little cute box in which the tube pretty much exactly fits, so no illusion of getting a bigger tube than you thought, I like.

This is not really of importance, but the box feels very soft. It's like there's some sort of matte/velvet-y layer on it and it feels a bit more luxurious than the average box. The tube is matte with pink lettering printed on it.

The box has a hot pink side with white lettering and the other sides are white with hot pink lettering. I like the style of this box/company. Look at the pictures to see what I mean:

Other side - ingredients, for those who are interested
I like that the box is entirely in the white/hot pink style. Though the box or packaging shouldn't matter, the appearance does matter, or, how the Dutch like to say: the eyes want something too.

The tube has a flip top cap, which I like and which is easy to use: no need to spin a cap back on with your freshly moisturized hands.

The tube is sealed, which is nice, so you're 100% sure the product hasn't been exposed to the air yet.

Pull it off, and you'll see a small hole where the product will go through.

I also think it's pretty cute that the bottom part of the tube (not the cap) is also hot pink, nice detail.

Put the cap back on, squeeze and happy moisturizing! I have a few pictures for you to see the cream in action, so to speak:

It doesn't really show in the picture above, but my hands were really suffering from dryness. I had used a pretty regular hand cream from the pharmacy and this is how they looked after to days of use. I could still see dry skin flakes, but the redness was gone. My hands have gotten so dry to the point that the skin was pretty much cracked. There was a lot of redness, as if the skin was torn and the skin on my hand were itchy and it hurt, like (as I said) it was cracked.

If you click on this image, you can see how dry my hands were. You can see the dry skin flakes.

I realize it's pretty weird to look at my fist, but this is how I took a shot of my hand, so I guess we'll have to do with these pics. This way you could really see in what shape my hands were.

You can see immediately that my skin is not as dry anymore and the dry flakes are not visible anymore after using the cream. I know it's not giving a realistic view of how the cream works, but I have been using it for a week now, seven days exactly and to expect visible results you have to use it for 11 days and apply in the morning and evening, as stated on the box and the back of the tube.

When applied it feels like it's soaked up immediately. It does leave a nourishing layer on your skin and I'd be lying if I'd say there's nothing left on your skin afterwards. It is, however, not an oily layer, it's rather thick and it feels like it's stuck on your skin and doesn't really make things you touch that greasy. I am typing this right now after I've used the hand cream and my keyboard is fine.

It has a sweet scent to it, which is a bit girly. The cream makes my hand feel so soft during the day and especially right after applying. The back of my hand is 'normal' again, with which I mean that there's no layer of cream on it anymore and everything has been soaked into the skin. I have a little bit of a sweaty hands situation, so the cream is not entirely soaked into the skin there yet, but we're getting there.

Here's a picture of my hand on day 7, before and after using the hand cream:


They're looking much better than on day 1 and it's not only due to the lighting. They feel soft and they don't itch or hurt anymore. I can't say anything about the claims of reducing signs of aging, because my hands aren't there yet (visible veins and such), but my hands do appear and feel much smoother after daily use.

I do intend on trying to use this cream daily (luckily, I have a few backups, 30 ml isn't really that much) even if it's only once a day. I wash my hands a lot during the day and that dries them out so bad in the winter. Also, the first signs of aging are visible in your hands, because they're pretty much always out there in the sunlight and we tend to forget to take care of our hands. What's the use of your face looking 30, when 40, while your hands look 40, right? That's why I am pro-handcare and from now on try to take better care of my hands!

Like mentioned before, this tube contains 30 ml and I am about halfway through. So this tube would last me about 14 days. But if have to admit that I have been really excited to play with this cream, so there are days that I applied this cream more than 2 times a day. So I think one tube of 30 ml lasts about 20-30-ish days when used twice daily.

On the box you can read all the claims and use of ingredients, so I didn't really go into that. My hands do feel very smooth and hydrated after  a few days of use: when I'm running my fingers over the back of my hands they feel much softer than they normally do, it feels like they're hydrated pretty deep in the skin. I can't say anything about the other claims, because my hands aren't as old as the one used to demonstrate the greatness of this cream on the box.

I like this cream, it makes my hands very soft and smooth, it is taken up by the skin pretty fast without leaving an oily layer and it smells pretty good. Packaging, I think, is cute and great for traveling. I would recommend this hand cream. Even if you're only using it when your hands are cracked because of dehydration.

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