Saturday, March 17, 2018


As you might know I am currently looking for an eye cream that can reduce my fine lines. I've tested the Balea Q10 Eye Cream, but that didn't work for my fine lines. So I moved on to another eye cream. I had this one in my drawer and I knew that this was a rich cream. I figured that this one should work at least a little bit for my fine lines.

This container has 15 ml of product inside it. It's a glass container with a plastic cap with Bobbi Brown printed on it. The packaging feels heavy and pretty luxurious, though screwing and unscrewing the cap gives a cheapish, hard plastic sound. Luckily that's the packaging, because the thing that matters the most is the product itself. I also have to say that the packaging is pretty bulky and not ideal for traveling.

As you might see from the picture above there are weird specks on top of the cream. My initial thought was that it has gone bad and I was pretty disappointed, because I bought it expecting it to be perfectly fine. 

I looked closely and I figured it might be some oils or waxes in the cream that moved towards each other and formed some sort of concentrated clump.

I initially wanted to use a spatula to scoop some product out everytime I was going to apply the eye cream, but I wanted to feel if those "crystals" were hard or soft. So I rubbed the cream with my finger and it melted beautifully into a thick cream. I decided to just use the cream, since the clear clumps melted into the cream.
I think that the cream was standing on the shelves for a while and because of that and maybe variations of temperature the top layer of the cream sort of dried out and the consistency of the cream changed into that. If you look closely you can see that the top layer has a slight cream color, while the rubbed/mixed cream is just white.

Sounds promising, doesn't it?!

"Warm between fingers" I just rub over the cream with my finger and if a sufficient amount melted onto my finger, I rub it between my fingers and pat it into my under eye area. 

As you can see from the ingredients list there's a lot of ingredients in this eye cream. A lot of extracts and oils from plants and fruit, I like that.

I have been using this eye cream for a little while now and I can't say if there's a dramatic change in my fine lines. I have been taking pictures and I hope that I can share good results with you in the feature!

For now I like this cream, when I first used it, it sort of irritated my skin, I thought that it might be an extract that was very concentrated in those clear specs on top of the cream. As I kept using the cream the irritation would be less and less there and now I can use this eye cream without it making my eye area itch (I also applied it on my upper eye lids, the skin was swollen up and believe me, it wasn't pretty..). I like how rich this cream is. It gives me the feeling that it might be able to smooth out my fine lines, because it will plump up the skin and push out those fine lines.
The Balea Q10 anti-wrinkle cream wasn't rich enough for me: it would get fully absorbed into my skin and I would feel like it doesn't do anything really special for my skin.

I'll keep you guys updated with pictures of my fine lines and I hope it works!

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