Saturday, March 3, 2018


A while ago I bought the NYX Lip Lingerie in Exotic in Meppen (Germany). I love liquid lipstick formulas, because they stay on very well and they don't really leave lipstick stains on cups, glasses and such when you're drinking. I am still looking for my perfect nude shade and I thought that this might be it!

First of all: what's my perfect nude shade or what color am I looking for actually? I am looking for a tone that looks nude/pink on me. I don't know why, but it's pretty hard to such shade, as "regular" pinks are a bit too much for me and "regular" nudes are too orange/brown/light for me most of the time.

I guess I'm looking for a "my lip but better" color. So when I was standing in front of the NYX stand in the DM (German drugstore) I couldn't help myself but looking at the Lip Lingeries. I hadn't really checked them out online, but I knew that the Lip Lingerie line was a kind of a nude liquid lipstick line. I picked the color Exotic and hoped for the best (you know how the lights are in drugstores).

Thin layer
It's a pretty red/old rose-y color. I am wearing a really thin layer of the lipstick in the picture. When I apply more of the lipstick on my lips, the color somehow appears much darker.

Thicker layer
Somehow it doesn't show on the pictures, but in real life, the color looks darker and browner. The application of this lip color is very smooth, it's buttery, but dries pretty much instantly. The lipstick sits like a house, it's hard to remove with only micellar water (the one from Garnier, but in my opinion that one isn't really great for removing lasting makeup). When I drink out of a cup, the lipstick doesn't smear, but it does leave some lipstick specks on the cup. And with eating it's pretty much the same as all liquid lipsticks: after eating a meal, there will be some loss of color closest to the inner lip.

The Lip Lingerie has a flat applicator that is longer than the average doe foot applicator. It applies fine, but its hard to create tight lines on my upper lip somehow. That might be just me, because I still have trouble doing my upper lip. My lip lines are pretty vague, so for me it's hard to draw the left and right side even.

It doesn't really appear on the pictures above, but I feel like if I apply a thicker layer of liquid lipstick, it enhances the lines in my lips and the color almost looks chalky somehow. So when I use this liquid lip, I try to apply a layer that is as thin as possible.

BUT: have I finally found my perfect nude lip color? No, sadly enough, I haven't.. It's too dark to be a  nude for me and I am kind of disappointed that the color on my lips turns out darker than the color you see through the tube. I love how the formula applies, but keep in mind to keep the layer as thin as possible for the not-so-cracked lip look. It is not my perfect nude color, but I do like the color. When I apply a thin layer of it, it looks like an old rose/red color. Pretty unique and I don't have a color like that in my collection yet.

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