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For the peeps with oily/combo skin face powder is a must, without it, we're just a greasy potato head who's makeup has melted off. That's why I have tried quite a few face powders in my life. I never really found one that has wowed me, I mean, it's face powder, how good can it get? Over the past few years I have discovered that there is a difference between powders. Powders that are finely milled have my preference (I guess it's everyone's) and I only use colorless powders, because colored ones have made my face orange in the past and I ain't 'bout that life. I had the Freedom HD Pro Finish Powder in my drawer for a while and I thought it was time to try out this baby.

When I opened the packaging I was pleasantly surprised. Until now, I have only used loose powders with a sifter that was made out of plastic and some holes in it. This loose powder has an unique micro finish sifter to sieve the powder to prevent clumping and ensure easy application, according to Freedom. I also think it's cool that they're playing with the hashtag trend on their packaging. #ProArtist.

It looks like the Chanel Vitalumière Loose Powder. I was very excited to use the powder, because I have never used a loose powder with a sifter like this! I thought it was a cool future. There's also some sort of stopper integrated in the lid, so you won't find powder everywhere when you open the jar after shaking the it. It sits right on top of the sifter. They tell you to "shake the bottle before use".

I don't like the powder to get everywhere in the lid so I use it until there's no loose powder left, then I put on the lid and tap on it with the jar upside down. When I open up the packaging, there's a small amount of product on top of the micro finish sifter. I dip my brush in it and apply it to my face until all the loose powder is gone and I have to get some powder on the other side of the sifter again. Depending on how hard and how much you tap or shake there's an amount of product coming out.

Not so much product
More product
I still have to make up my mind if I like these kind of sifters or not. With sifters made out of plastic and holes in it you might end up with a ton of product in the space between the sifter and lid when you travel with your loose powder. There might also just be a lot of loose product in the lid if you just tap on the packaging with the jar upside down, because of the holes. You can't really control it. But with a micro sifter I sometimes have to put the lid on back a few times and tap it upside down to get enough product out. But when the product comes out of the sifter, it won't be all over the lid, because there's a stopper. I like the idea of both, I just don't know which one I like more, yet.

The loose powder is made out of silica, parabens and some pigments. If you're anti-paraben, you should skin this product. I however don't really mind, but what I do mind is silica, where the loose powder is mainly made out of.. I once used a loose powder by NYX, that was made out of 100% pure mineral silica. But I hated the packaging, because as soon as the powder got into the lid the packaging was producing horrible screeches when opened and closed. So with this powder I'm very careful not to spill too much product on the side of the packaging and keeping the powder inside it. I also don't really like to use silica based loose powders on my face. Why not? Because when in lab, they always tell us to NOT inhale silica and to use it only in the fume hood, so you won't inhale the fine powder, because it is carcinogenic (causing cancer). And here I am, just powdering my face off with silica powder and sitting in the middle of a cloud of silica powder. It is not absolutely proven that it is carcinogenic, but the suspicions do exist.

So when I do use this powder, I am carefully not inhaling when I'm applying it. Though it might not be super effective, since there are micro particles of the powder floating around in the air after I apply the powder and I do need to breathe at some point.

Anyway, back to the powder. It's a finely milled powder and I like the fine texture of it. It makes my face matte and it doesn't have any color, so the color of my foundation is the same after I've applied the powder. I feel like it does keep my face pretty matte, but we're in the winter right now, so I don't know how this holds up to my oil production during the summer. But when I powdered off my face (and I always do) there's a little bit of shine on my nose, forehead and sometimes my cheeks at the end of the day. I feel like it is holding up pretty well. I have been using the W7 Banana Powder for the past few months and I have the feeling that this loose powder is doing a better job at keeping my face matte during the day, because I am used to looking at a pretty greasy face at the end of the day.

You get 8 grams of product for a small price (price varies depending on in which country you live) and an awesome sifter. If you don't mind putting silica and parabens on your face and you like a silky powder, I'd say go buy this one. I won't be repurchasing this powder however, because of the silica. I do appreciate the packaging, though. It seems like I still haven't found my holy grail loose powder, yet.

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